Tours and activities in Caribbean coast Costa Rica

Immerse yourself in the food market of caribbean. If you’re feeling bold, try your hand at haggling for local produce. Then gaze in wonder at the Caribbean sea, a famous site for its culture, and lanscape.

Some tours and activities arround Caribbean coast

Bird Watching at Gandoca, Caribbean Coast, Costa Rica

The famous rainbow-billed Toucan, Oropendola Montezuma, Trogon massena, Kingfisher, Osprey and the peregrine falcon could be your acompany some morning in the caribbean. You will not regret about starting your day with this amazing

$55 + Fee
Dolphin Watching and Punta Mona, Gandoca-Manzanillo, Caribbean Coast, Costa Rica

Departing by boat from the town of Manzanillo in search of dolphins to Gandoca beach, the coastal jungle of the Refuge is traveled. Two different species of dolphins await you in these Caribbean waves to give you a beautiful show wi

$60 + Fee
Manzanillo Walking Tour, Caribbean Coast, Costa Rica

During this tour that begins in the Manzanillo area, you will have the opportunity to be in the colorful Caribbean town while you delight in its incredible wildlife on the journey through the primary forest to continue along a path that will allow

$55 + Fee
Night Walk in Manzanillo, Caribbean Coast, Costa Rica

At night, in the entrance of the Manzanillo beach to the Gandoca-Manzanillo Refuge, begins this walking tour entering the tropical forest to search and observe the spectacular wildlife of the South Caribbean. Frogs, rodents, in

$55 + Fee
Nighttime Sea Turtle Nesting Tour, Gandoca Beach, Caribbean Coast, Costa Rica

Nesting of sea Turtles is one of the most impressive nature shows and you can witness it in Gandoca.  Carey, Green and Baula are characterized as the largest sea turtle in the world and for being in danger of extincti

$55 + Fee
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